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Day three: Sanjana was released with the jail, Bigg Boss divided the 16 housemates into two groups and Sanjana acquired a chance to pick the members of her team and she is the head in the team and that team is named boss team whereas One more team known as servant group and Kreeti was The pinnacle of the team.

Observe:- She's a single that is having often some Substantially interested in other housemate concern creator and getting into somewhere else and leave, Bore Talker!!!!!

ఇప్పుడు ఏ చిన్న డౌట్ వచ్చినా.. నెటిజనులందరూ జై గూగుల్ తల్లి అంటున్నారు.

Indeed Tejaswini how we could take u we may have sympathy on ur history . u r so gorgeous in saree why u pick out shorts inside a community clearly show . Why ur temperament is so vulgar in each human body language and verbally .

Bigg Boss at times includes a twist and eliminates two contributors at any given time in only one 7 days. The voting will continue on for The complete 7 days and finishes on Saturday. To vote for your preferred contestant you can find 2 methods. Either you could vote in two methods or you could vote in any one way. Bigg Boss Group will rely this all votes from 2 strategies.

two. She talked to kalpana within the night time just after Absolutely everyone slept stating that you will be fantastic mainly because she was jealous that Deeksha and kalpana were being acquiring shut. Deeksha was proper beside kalpana when this incident happened.

Contenders are Tanish, Kaushal, and Amit. The task is for that three contestants to hold on into a rope over a T stand arranged in Back garden space. Though the opposite housemates do almost everything and anything at all they could to acquire them to go away the maintain from the rope and have from the podium.

Below we've been with the complete information pertaining to Bigg Boss Telugu Voting. You may have the choice of voting for your preferred contestant possibly on the web or offline. So Here's the entire in depth tutorial to voting.

remove aadarsh and karthika vallu silent ga untu sport ni manipulate chestunnaru. they both are targetting just one particular person attempting to concentrate on Some others identical person. ippudu karthika do away with itay valla group vidipotundi appudu sport chala baaguntundi. clear ga notice cheyandi vallu aade dramalu(all episodes). i will give a person basic instance Arjun reddy Motion picture hero vachi archana ni nuvvu two moments help save ayyav kada ani cheppinappudu karthika and Aadarsh they the two are planing elimination lo kaarthika vellipote upcoming target aadarsh so tanu aalochinchi kaavalani right now archana ni kaavalani nee valle naku dust allergy vachindi ani cheppi elagina upcoming time kooda archana ni nominate chese laaga choostunnadu.

5) Online games like hard rather than support Other individuals, to Perform specific, bigg boss need to put into action and tell to deal with mates

Nani garu miku heroga manchi perundi adi pogottukokandi mi chetta anchoring tho I mean regional thoughts tho oka group varike assistance chestunaru. get more info Geeta kousal shyamala and ganesh valu edi chesina assistance chestunaru

After the contestant list is out, A dedicated number will be assigned for each contestant. You could vote for your personal favorite contestant by offering a skipped contact for the amount.

Super bro meeru villaki theju lo antha ga undesirable em kanipinchindo nak ardam katle asalu…aravadam okate chustunnaru..andaru thanu okathe authentic asalu andaru faux title kosam chestunaru..

To sign up your voting by looking Bigg boss Telugu vote on the web you need to have a valid Gmail account.

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